Mature Single Masterclass

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This is an Online “Zoom Meeting” Mature Single Masterclass.


Marriage is always exciting and being a relationship that led to marriage is equally exciting. However, as a marriage coach, I have seen the same mistake happen repeatedly with those trying to get married.

I have seen unforgettable and heart-breaking issues in marriage, that could have been a minister or totally preventable happen to many couples repeatedly. Many of these issues are common and can be avoided when intending couples have a clear and purposeful approach to their marriage before their wedding day.

Failure to prepare adequately for marriage may lead to the following during and just after marriage in an unbelievable manner. Some are Constant quarrels, Wrong relationship with in-laws, Wrong handling of money, Wrong handling of sex, Hatred for one’s partner, Immaturity, Pettiness, Malice, Nagging Irresponsibility Difficult marriage, Loveless marriage, Infidelity, reporting one’s spouse to a third party, Rejection of food by husband when angry, Refusal to cook by wife when angry, False accusation, Envy, Rumour, Competition at home Absence of intimacy Separation or Divorce.

Do you agree that the above problems in marriage do not just appear or become so obvious without a beginning? Our lives are full of challenges of our past, which significantly shape our behaviors and actions we display in marriage. That is why it is especially important you know yourself before marriage.

Preparation is non-negotiable. Money cannot build your home, neither is beauty. Even your degrees and diplomas may amount to nothing.

The solution is in your hands to start well by acquiring the right knowledge, strategies, and action-based living, to equip us for creating a great marriage.

You cannot afford to miss this 4 weeks Masterclass with the following title:
How To Prepare For Marriage Before Your Wedding Day, So You Are Happy Ever After With Your Future Spouse.
This will cover everything you need to know about creating a great marriage with your best friend in the future.

You will learn the following items in the 4 weeks Mature Singles Masterclass
1. Who Am I? -Which human category are you?.
2. What am I? What is your power offering or weak offering?
3. Where am I? What is my marital vision and purpose?
4. How am I? What movie scripts is my life creating right now?
5. When am I? Can you marry yourself?

At the end of these 4 weeks, you will be so confident and fully self-aware to tackle all relationship hurdles towards finding your life partner and staying happily married ever after. So, Click on the link below and register for May 2021- Mature Singles Mastermind

This is an Online “Zoom Meeting” Mature Single Masterclass.