The longer you’re married, the more challenging it becomes. Between work, kids, your activities, the kids’ extracurriculars, responsibilities, caring for elderly parents, church activities, and the list goes on and on, it’s easy to lose sight of each other. When it comes to romance, well, sometimes you’re just not feeling it.

I and my wife have certainly had our ups and downs in almost a decade of marriage, but I can honestly say that I love her more and more each day regardless of the challenges we have ever faced and will face in the future. Our love grew because we have been able to go through various seasons of challenges and came out strong together and have learned a lot about each other along the way.

You have to DO something.

Marriages are one of the few things in life that get more challenging over time. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or like your marriage has gone stale, then it may be time to inject some energy into it.

While it’s common for the excitement in the early stages of a marriage to wear off over time, it’s important to notice if the time you spend with your spouse seems more like a chore than a choice. Simply put, if you’re constantly wondering what you’re missing out on, or asking yourself if things are as good as they’ll get, then you need to take action before your marriage tumbles completely down hill.You don’t need to pretend when you are no longer connecting with your spouse or you are feeling lost. It is time to do something about your boring state

The problem with boredom in a marriage is that it can quickly lead to infidelity and other methods of escape. For instance, a bored spouse may seek thrills through pornography, or try to drown their boredom with alcohol or other addictions or resentment and bitterness or feel sad for marrying your spouse. Sometimes, it can lead to spending less and less time together, you stop talking each other except for “business purposes”, and sex, well, it becomes just another chore on the list. We become bored with our spouse. It’s during these times, more than any others, that we need to turn things around before one of us does or says something that we will forever regret. Before you panic, the good news is that those aren’t the solutions for boredom. In fact, rather than seeking a way out or doing things that are dishonest, you can work to create a new marriage from within.

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