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Chindah Chindah, the twelfth child in a family of twenty, learned early on to make the best of his resources, refusing to let limitations derail him from his life’s purpose. His encounter with God and source of being, transformed his life and gave him the courage to create a vision to move forward regardless of any challenges that he will encounter in his life.

He is a Life & Marriage Coach, Motivational & Transformational Award Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Preacher, Youth Leader & Mentor. Founder of Limitless Life Pro Academy and Married Life Management.

His passion is to see marriages receive a daily makeover with God and science based tested strategies, so that couples can confidently build a strong, divorced-proof and lasting marriage. Chindah shares from personal experience and practical ways he has build a strong marriage that provides mutual peace and harmony between him and his wife.

He has authored two published nonfiction books: What Can I Do to Make My Marriage Work? and The Power Of Personal Change. He has two other soon-to-published books: Save Your Marriage Daily and Recreating Your Honeymoon Experience With Your Spouse.

Chindah lives in England with his wife and their two sons.

The Story Behind My Passion to Help Couples Create Successful Marriages

I was sitting on a wooden stool in a slightly dark kitchen room, while eating my dinner. Within few minutes, my mum walked into the kitchen with a tearful, regretful and painful facial expression. She said to me, if not for you and your other siblings, I would have left your dad, because I am not enjoying this marriage at all and there are a lot of rivalry between us, the wives. She said this particularly, due to lack of affection, attention, and love from my polygamous dad. Who had three wives with 20 children between them. My mum had 10 children alone for him.

When I heard that from my mum, in my mind, I knew that my father couldn’t love properly. Since he shares himself with his three wives, 5 days each between them. With this fact, I was convinced that my mum will never experience complete marriage relationship that brings personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

So, hearing these words from her breathless and sadden tone, I created this story and belief in mind that women were pleasurable avenues for men and marriage was just a necessary evil.

Mr and Mrs Chindah Chindah

I concluded that if you want a child, get married and make babies, that’s it. This impacted me so much, to the point of feeling irrelevant for being born and being part of my mum’s dilemma and a contributor to her unsatisfactory marriage and life.

It was very hurtful and made me in believing these wrong notions in my mind as normal, that marriage isn’t supposed to be great after all. So, why bother to pursue a happy marriage anyway. These wrong thinking plagued me up to my early adult years.

However, in my confuse and self-pitying state, another event occurred that worsen the whole situation for me. This left me totally devastated and plummeted me into a further deeper pain and heart brokenness.

It was about my step-sister, who was a young, vibrant professional with intense passion for life and to defend/support helpless women in crisis such as women going through domestic abuse and suppression. Her desire to help, drove her to study Law and journalism. She was smart, intelligent and beautiful. Her passion for law and journalism was obvious in the way she handled everything related to her mission statement. She advanced so quickly with an epic-able attitude, determination and focus. These qualities further enhanced her career so rapidly that she became very popular as a fearless journalist and a lawyer in my country.

Consequently, in the process of helping and doing her professional job, she met a man, and fell in love as most normal people do. The relationship became so serious, intense-and proposal for marriage happened within a short while. This led to them getting married. At the beginning seemed like what she ever wanted and there was a lot of affection and love for each other. Everything seems good and every member of the family was so happy for her and wished her well in her marriage.

As the days rolled by, within her first year in the marriage, we realized that she wasn’t conspicuous and readily available for her duties and within the family as well. Her approachable and warm personalities seem a bit unwelcoming and charming as usual. She became withdrawn and was hardly seen in the public. My family became worried and concerned about her welfare. So, we went after her, and what we observed wasn’t great at all. She was being abused, emotionally traumatized and isolated from what she loved. Her personal financial savings and assets were being squandered by her husband. The relationship became unbearable and depressing. She later requested to be separated from her husband, since things were getting worse and worse for her. Her beautiful dreams and excitement of a married life turned into sorrow, misery and heartache.

Unfortunately, prior to her leaving her husband, she fell seriously ill and eventually, suffered a severe stroke, that left her almost completely immobile and paralyzed. Her life became so stagnated and she battled this stroke for few years. Due to her work in the Government of my country, she was flown to India to be medically treated by more professional specialists. The medical treatment helped to an extent but could not reverse the stroke completely. So, she was later flown back home.

She suffered greatly due to the deterioration of her health and on a quiet windy evening, after spending time with few of the family members, she slept and that was it. It felt like that was a story and not a reality. She was rushed to the hospital and the medical professionals and hospital staffs tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late. My beloved sister was gone and gone forever.

It was a sad day for me and my family. I was so sad, overcame by grief and very bitter with how a great lady with dreams can just go like that. She was so good to me and supported me in many ways. The family felt a huge sense of lost and my father particularly didn’t take it so well, because he was over 90 years old when my step-sister died. Hearing that my sister had passed, caused him even more pain and all he wanted was to die as well. It was a very hard time for my family and for me, it changed everything.

Losing my sister triggered a spark inside of me and I wanted to know, what can make a marriage work? How can two different personalities create a great relationship that mutually benefits each person? What are the skills and knowledge required to build a successful marriage? Are we not supposed to have a happy marriage and live in peace with each other? How can two different person handle conflicts and still be lovable and live side by side in great joy and happiness? What should be our minimum criteria before marriage and while in marriage, what ate the daily habits required to build a fulling marriage? These questions needed to be answered and I wanted to know it for myself.

My mum’s state and my step-sister death drove me into studying humans, personality types, doing research on various books and case studies done by experts in the field of Human Medicine, Psychology, Theology, Family Life and Marriage. I Assessed, analyzed and deduced conclusion on failed and successful marriage of all kinds, including secular and religious marriages.

I literally studied everything relating to the secrets of building a happy and satisfying relationships. I did this with all passion and meticulousness, to know what couples can do to be happy in a relationship regardless of their individual differences.


The outcome of my curious mind and hunger for answers resulted in the creation of THE LOVE FRAMEWORK MASTERY PROGRAM. This program had answered all my questions and I have personally used this framework to build a loving and lasting marriage with my wife for the past 11 years. So, I know the program works because I have used it personally, my clients continuously see results. Now, I am willing to share it with the world, so that every couple can mutually work on their marriage and create a strong, loving and satisfying marriage they deserve. You don’t need to wish you had a great marriage anymore but, you can create it using my proven step by step strategies in 9 simple easy steps.


Married Life Management offers bespoke and custom made, dedicated coaching services to the marriage community. We specialise in various marital challenges for the heterosexual couples (our speciality domain) such as :

  • A long-term erosion of trust and relationship satisfaction
  • Unable to communicate effectively with your spouse on a meaningful level
  • A significant betrayal such as infidelity and broken trust
  • The damaging effects of addiction in your relationship
  • A sense of “falling out of love”
  • Constant conflicts and arguing
  • Lack of intimacy and unforgiving hurts with deep wounds
  • Misunderstanding, unfair criticism and lack of appreciation
  • Feeling lost and lonely within your marriage
  • Not experiencing real spirituality in your marriage
  • Wanting to learn and improve your ok marriage to a fulfilling marriage

Whatever might be your reason(s) for coming to us for help. Our professional coaching services has the potential to:

  • Recreate within you an intentional effort and right attitude to make your marriage work
  • Reconnect with your spouse on a deeper level of oneness and bonding
  • Revive and restore your intimate life for a more balanced and pleasurable marriage
  • Rekindle friendliness and true companionship as members of the same team and goal
  • And Renew your understanding of each gender’s differences and to improve your tolerance considerations index
Don’t take our words for it. Attend any of our workshops and events to experience our life transformational coaching.