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Couples Connect Conference is a one-day, online timely conference, planned and organise to address marital challenges for couples of all ages and tribes. It will provide expert knowledge and practical teachings to support couples to rise above every modern-day marital demand. This is not restricted to just the married, but the separated, divorced, widows/widowers, newly married, engaged persons and mature adults are all welcome to attend this life-changing and transformational conference.

This is a great opportunity to hear and learn from Christian marriage finest experts on building a healthy and strong marriage in an uplifting environment. At the end of this conference, you will be fully equipped, empowered and educated to create and sustain a fulfilling and lasting marriage in your daily relationship with your spouse.


To educate, enlighten and empower married couples to be fully equipped with skills and knowledge required to overcome marital challenges and have fulfilling marriages.

Mission Statement

Organise workshops, conferences and other events that provide married couples with the skills and knowledge to achieve the marriage of their dreams.

Aims and objectives
  • To recreate within each couple an intentional effort and right attitude to make their marriage work.
  • To reconnect each spouse on a deeper level of oneness and bonding through intimate conversation.
  • To revive and restore the intimate life for a more balanced and pleasurable marriage.
  • To rekindle within each spouse the spirit of friendliness and true companionship as members of the same team and goal.
  • To renew the understanding of each gender differences and to improve the tolerance considerations index for each couple.

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