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Marriage is a mystery with unique challenges, which makes it complex but rewardable with the right knowledge and personal effort to make it work.

Men and women perceive emotion, communication, intimacy, fidelity, work, and money differently because of the way they were socialized, and the ways their parent’s perceptions have shaped them over the years.  They bring these ideas into the marriage and hence have their own baggage of beliefs regarding what is tolerable and intolerable in a marriage, what they must give to their spouse and what to expect in return.

However, it takes practice to learn that gender differences do not constitute threats to a marriage, but a cause for celebration and an opportunity to expand an individual’s sphere of experience.  Try to remember that your partner is not your mirror image.  In a loving, effective partnership, individuality and separateness are wholesome concepts that each spouse must work at.

Without the awareness that we’re supposed to be different, men and women are at odds with one another. We commonly get angry or disappointed with the opposite sex, as we have blocked this crucial reality. We expect the opposite sex to be more like ourselves. We want them to “want what we want” and “believe the way we believe”.

We erroneously assume that if our mates love us they’ll respond and behave in particular ways—the ways we respond and act when we love somebody. This position sets us up to be frustrated over and over and keeps us from taking the necessary time to communicate lovingly about our differences.

This book is practical, easy to read and will navigate you through realistic and common challenges facing marriages today. So, as to know how to deal with each issue when it arises and to teach you how to save your marriage daily, right from the day you both said ‘I DO’ in a loving and mutual way.

This book is coming out soon.

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