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GROUP TARGET AUDIENCE: (Mature Singles 22+, Engaged Persons,  Single Parent, Separated, Divorced, Widows and widowers)

Proper Marital Preparation Today! Prevents Perpetual Painful Marriage Tomorrow.

Become Part of a Like-Minded Mature Singles, Who Are Ready To Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn The Strategies to Prepare For A Marriage Before Their Wedding Day.

It was published some time ago in, that some premarital counselling studies show the practice decreases the likelihood of divorce by 50 percent. Also, Current statistics show about 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. This is sad. However, we can change and reduce this statistic if only we can invest now in our relationship.

I remember, having a conversion with a client, I will call X. X said she had ONLY been happy for about 4 weeks out of almost 18 months of marriage. I was shocked when she said that. I became more curious to find out why?

They had no pre marriage counselling and no intentional preparation before their marriage. They where just excited with emotions and got married?

When I consider what X said to me about having various other challenges in her relationship. I realized that; she is not alone IN THIS STRUGGLE.

The interesting thing about this case it is a typical reflection of many people going to marriage without any form or proper investment of money and time in ensuring, they are fully ready to get married. I wonder why, many unmarried people are aware of such similar issues and challenges, still feel indifferent and unconcerned to invest in learning the foundational principles to soar and become the best version of themselves before marriage.

Client X, struggled through, wishing that her husband will love her, change, and become a better spouse to her. It never happened. He was not even interested in any coaching or listening to any form of support in learning, unlearning, and relearning anything to help their marriage thrive.

He was completely adamant and very unnatural towards her. This continued for a long time and she eventually separated from him to avoid continuous physical, financial emotional and physical abuse from her partner.

Its really a painful story and a sad ending. But do you know that many people read this story especially singles and they brush it off and say, such people are not lucky at all. This is one of my biggest worry about the level of indifferent and ignorance of many mature singles among us.

If you do not care today to invest time and money to know and prepare for a building a successful marriage, you will live to endure in a hard way. Sometimes, it will be too late.

I remember, when I was growing up, I did not attend any relationship classes or see a good role model to help me see the possibilities of having good relationship. I was living and existing as everyone but, without any idea of how a relationship can be built or created.
It is a painful experience to be wakened after you lost your elder to an abusive marriage. You can click here to read more in my About us session of this website.

I have coached people of different races and yet, one thing is sure, if you fail to invest in preparation for marriage, you will fight to survive and not thrive, except a serious mindset shift happens in you.

Research supports that belief. A classic 2003 study in the journal family example, found that couples who had completed some form of premarital counselling had a 30 percent increase in marital satisfaction compared with those who had not undergone such counselling.

Therefore, I AM INVITING YOU TO JOIN ME in this Relationship Explorations and learning (REAL) singles mastermind group. This is a pre-marriage coaching and relationship masterclass to prepare you for your future marriage.

Proper Marital Preparation Today! Prevents Perpetual Painful Marriage Tomorrow.

Become Part of a Like-Minded Mature Singles, Who Are Ready To Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn The Strategies to Prepare For A Marriage Before Their Wedding Day.

Join Our REAL Single Mastermind Group!

Where You gain:
-Connection With other like-minded mature singles to help you diffuse any relationship confusion and confidently enter a relationship with a purpose.

This group is purely for all serious-minded singles who want to create a loving and happy marriage tomorrow. You will receive transformational and practical mentoring, coaching, and webinars that will transform your preparation for a great relationship with your future spouse.

We shall cover topics on various areas, such as: mindset reset, emotional healing, abusive relationship recovery, how to find the right guy or lady, compatibility criteria for an ideal future spouse, dealing with rejection, overcoming lack of confidence etc.


‘’Our experience of pre-marriage coaching with Mr Chindah was positive. The quality of information shared, and the diversity of themes discussed on a bi-monthly basis, were of incredibly high value.

Mr Chindah has mastered the art of interweaving leading relationship research with biblical truth as exemplified through real, lived experiences. His approach is authentic. Thus, there is never a dull moment with Mr Chindah. Never a question too big or seemingly insignificant that will not meet his enthusiasm. The atmosphere within sessions was conducive for transparent disclosures. And in between sessions, Mr Chindah availed himself to answer follow-up questions, being generous with his time and resources.

Ultimately, the level of professionalism he exuded throughout our sessions ensured structure and the efficient management of time. My partner and I felt that the welfare and growth of our relationship was prioritised by Mr Chindah. And till this day, we count our decision to proceed with his coaching a worthy investment in our journey to the altar. We highly recommend it’’

Mr. & Mrs J. A. UK


My pre-marital counselling classes with Mr.Chindah were a eye-opener for me. From the classes I had, I can say that Mr. Chindah is a wonderful coach who has a deep passion for relationship and marriage. His sessions were lively and well organized. One thing I loved about our coaching sessions was that Mr.Chindah encouraged openness. He asked for permission to ask personal questions because he felt that the questions were a good foundation towards building a successful relationship and marriage. He also encouraged me to ask any questions bothering me regarding my relationship which he promised to keep in absolute confidence. He spoke from a wealth of experience and his teachings had a biblical standing.

Moreover, one important thing he did was to tell me books to read ahead of the next class and then told me to discuss what I learnt from the books. One thing I appreciated most about Mr Chindah is that he encouraged me to still get in touch with him after our classes ended in case I needed counsel about my relationship.

Indeed, my sessions with Mr Chindah were not a waste of time and it made me see relationship and marriage in a different perspective. I strongly recommend that anyone who is planning on getting married, married or maybe just looking for counsel on relationship should contact him. He is an excellent relationship and marriage coach with a wealth of experience and you won’t regret investing your time and money.

Miss B. UK

Proper Marital Preparation Today! Prevents Perpetual Painful Marriage Tomorrow.


1. One Monthly Webinar with Chindah Chindah and Other Marital Relationship Experts from around the globe via Facebook, ZOOM or any other internet meeting platform.

2. One Question and Answer Session Monthly

3. Telegram and Facebook Private Group Mastermind

4. Email Emergency Support

5. Monthly free give away of gifts such as : Restaurant meal for two, mini holiday within your country, free money voucher to spend and many more

6. Daily or occasionally nuggets to keep you fired up to build and create a relationship in the future that is satisfying and fulfilling for both.

Become Part of a Like-Minded Mature Singles, Who Are Ready To Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn The Strategies to Prepare For A Marriage Before Their Wedding Day.

Bonuses for Joining Today!

1. 30 Days Free Access to Watch our Couples Connect Conference 2020 and 2019, where we had Dr. Gary Chapman, Dr John Gray, Shaunti Feldhahn, Eden Onwuka, Pastor Agu-Jesus House London, etc.

2. Free Ebook : What Can I Do To Make My Marriage Work?

3. Exclusive 40% discount on all my relationship products.

4. Exclusive 40% Reduced one-on-one coaching with me if required.

Proper Marital Preparation Today! Prevents Perpetual Painful Marriage Tomorrow.

Become Part of a Like-Minded Mature Singles, Who Are Ready To Learn, Un-learn & Re-learn The Strategies to Prepare For A Marriage Before Their Wedding Day.