Do You Believe In Your Spouse?

One of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse is to believe in his or her abilities and contributions in your marriage.

As the pressures of life intensify,  sometimes we can become indifferent and complacent towards our spouse efforts in the relationship.

When you decide to view your spouse as a good-willed person, that perspective changes your entire relationship. Even in the middle of conflict or disagreements, you can see each other as partners, teammates and friends.

I am very grateful for the wife I have. Her positive perspective is something we need in order to have a healthy, mutually satisfying marriage. This attitude helps avoid the buildup of tension in our relationship and creates an atmosphere of love and respect. it’s important to have an understanding spouse, you can work with and be at peace at all times.

Couples need to know that, even when your spouse messes up, you can choose to believe in the good will of your spouse as not intentionally wanting to cause you grief or heartache.

After all, no one gets married thinking, I want to make my spouse miserable. Nearly everyone enters marriage with the very best of intentions.

Unfortunately, when we feel unloved or disrespected, we often start judging motives rather than seeing the person’s best intent. So whenever our spouse’s good intentions fail to produce loving or respectful actions, we have a choice: to believe the best about our spouse or to question his or her heart.

Let’s say, for example, you have to leave early in the morning and you haven’t had time to fill the car with gas or fuel. Your spouse promises to go out and take care of it.

The next day, as you are rushing to leave home, you find the gauge on “empty,” and you feel a surge of frustration. In the next few moments, you can choose to believe your spouse “just doesn’t care,” or you can choose to believe your spouse made an honest mistake.

So, please don’t give up so quickly on your spouse and marriage for issues that are humanly and spiritually resolvable. cleave to each other and work together to create the marriage both of you want.

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