Happy 13th Marriage Anniversary To My Queen

I was once a fetus, an infant, a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, a young adult, and then an adult. I taught I had it all figured out with my finite mind and imagination of what life really was.

Little did I know, there is another world, full of adventures and achievements when two people double up their strengths to support each other. Their results will be highly audacious.

Then, I was motivated by love, desire, and the need to have a companion. In that state, my God-inspired and led me to a gorgeous, virtuous, beautiful, and complimentary suitable life partner.

She dazzled and permeat

ed my heart and inner self. It looked like I was formerly asleep but suddenly awaken to the reality of pure love and heaven-tingling intimacy that await me when I met her.

I initially freeze out and sometimes, it felt like I was frozen in my excitement and delight of finding a life companion to share all of me with. Her gaze and smile took me to a wonderland.

She was calm, matured, and complex but fully intriguing to engage in any dialogue. I found her totally epiphanic and intricately fascinating for my mature mind to fully comprehend.

We knew that we were eternally aligned for a marital amalgamation. She looked pretty and her presence triggered my natural tendencies to possess my possession. To be honest, her character, love for God, and mature mind were like the ruder of a sailing ship. I knew that doing life with her, will be a treat and a rewarding life experience.

I immediately didn’t waste time or allow my inactivity nature to rob me of this precious godly damsel. When you know she is the one, you move before you cry of losing your blessing.

With all my limited knowledge and my desire to settle down like a man on a mission. We prayerfully proceeded to the next stage of making it official by tying the knot. Yes, we got married and we meant it, right from day one up to this day. No regrets at all…

To God be the glory for His faithfulness. It was 13 years ago, and I am totally sold out to love my amazing Queen, Lover, and Best Friend For Life.

Mrs. Chindah is all I have got, and I have no side chick anywhere in the world, no backup plan, no plans to ever walk away, and I am here to love, care, cherish, respect, and support this gift of God in my life till death do us apart.

As we went away for a brief couple getaway weekend, we had time to reflect over the past 13 years together, regardless of our personal differences and marital ups/downs. 3 key factors that stood out that have helped us to build our marriage intent

ionally for the past 13 years are:

· Deep Soulful Friendship To Understand Each Other More

· God And God’s Principle At The Centre Of The Marriage

· Passionate All Round Intimate Life.

Marriage is sweet with the willing imperfect person, who is ever ready to change and evolve to be the best version of themselves. I made a promise to God, that Mrs. Chindah is the only woman, I solely affirm and pledge to love and offer myself to, no matter the cost on me. She is my humanly love-focus on earth by God’s grace.

So, as we celebrate today, I speak peace, love, and calmness to all marriages. Remember, you are stronger and better together. God’s will for you is that your marriage will flourish and thrive.

Please help me celebrate my one and only front, back, and side chick, babe, and lover: Mrs. Chindah.

You can comments and just let us know your thoughts on keeping your marriage intact.

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