Are you emotionally unavailable for your spouse?

This is a common problem I have observed among couples that have been married for a while. Due to chasing money, career, and work, they become emotionally unavailable to their spouse and become totally blind, on how important this is to their relationship.

Some men actually think, their wives are just petty and ridiculous when they are confronted with the idea, they are not available for them to connect.

Instead of listening and looking for ways to change, the men will mostly respond this way:

How can you be so ungrateful? Can’t you see how hard I work to make money and buy you this or that?

What most men don’t realize that many women would in a heartbeat trade emotional connection and emotional security for the money the man thinks is everything.

A story I heard about a divorced couple, where a man has spent his life creating a beautiful home just for his wife and to make sure she is financially secured and lacking nothing.

However, she left because he was never around in the house he created. Always on the road, hopping from one business deal to the other and from country to country.

She was now emotionally detached and emotionally unavailable to him. She became so distant to him and totally lonely.

She knew money was important in the marriage, but she wanted the man she married and not have a ”single married woman” status. This is a sad story but many of us are treating our spouse’s need for an emotional connection with less importance.

Don’t wait for this to be your fate. Listen and respond to your spouses’ need for connection and bonding.

Each marriage is unique, but you cannot put everything else on the high priority list and your relationship at the bottom. The consequences are always inevitable if you don’t retrace your steps and change.

If a partner becomes emotionally unavailable, you must not ignore it. An emotionally unavailable partner is a sign that something needs to change so please don’t ignore it.

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