Understanding Relationship Breeds Happy Couples

To be in love at the beginning with another precious human being like you, is an amazing mystery and the feeling can be so thrilling and energy pumping. I remembered, my initial feeling and excitement when I met my dearest wife today. It was like the earth should stop and reflect over my new-found compatible soulmate. I was grateful to God to find such an incredible lady. She is awesome, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. She is all I need and want in a relationship. So our love is sealed and final. God allowed it and we actualised it.

Today is our 8th anniversary and I can sincerely say that, it’s been hugely worth it and my decision to share my life with her is without regrets or remorse. Every marriage has its own challenges but with understanding and cooperation, you can conquer any odds together.

In my 8th year in marriage, I have seen a lot, read a lot, and experience a lot of marriage related experiences. I have acquired most of my marriage knowledge via reading books, listening to audio CDs from marriage masters and going to seminars. You cannot understand your spouse fully without the help of those who have written and modelled great relationships through biblical principles. Marriage related knowledge and application of acquired knowledge will enable you to handle any situation in your marriage.

Our society and modern culture have introduced a lot about marriage and how relationship should be. Most at times, these ideologies have good ground in male and female relationship and development. However, in-spite of these ideologies, we still have high statistics of unfulfilled marriage relationships and sad couples. The biting questions is : what exactly is missing or lacking in these failed marriages? Most couples are not entirely happy but struggling to live in peace and harmony with their spouse. This could be due to wrong application of knowledge or most couples are not adequately prepared to handle marriage challenges. Sometimes, it’s having wrong notions about women or male in general. Therefore, translating into the way they treat each other.

Divorce and separation is so high and children are not fully trained and the societies are full of youngsters without proper role models. Teenagers are growing and filling our societies and communities without proper perspective on how to treat a woman and a man. Majority of the youngsters that arrive adulthood see women as a tool for satisfaction and an object to be autocratically controlled with no regards to her feelings and emotions. Others see all male as unfaithful dogs and never to be trusted. What a shame and misconception about both genders. No wonder, we hear of unimaginable abuse and maltreatment of both male and females all around us. Why is divorce so high? Why are there many bad examples of marriages in our TV and commercials? Why is the movie stars and scripts portraying that divorce and separation is okay? Why is marriage regarded as a contract and not a lifetime commitment to live until death sets you apart?

My conclusion is that people are getting married for the wrong reasons. The moment what they want is not regular, they walk away like walking away from the grocery shop after shopping. Some marry deceptively with covered and manipulated lifestyle. Some marry because of physical beauty, money or for conjugal interaction. Some other people marry due to being forced into it. Sometimes, people think, just because you are spiritual, you will have great marriage. Well, look around you very well, you will discover some people that are spiritual with unfulfilled marriages. God is essential in a marriage union but, faith without work is dead. Dead and uninteresting marriage is as a result of lack of personal investment in your marriage. There is no magic formula or fairy tale principle for a great marriage without corresponding and practical effort to make it work.

Whatever reasons that have caused a sweet and loving marriage to turn soar and bitter, is due to the parties involved. Take time to talk things through, and compromise where necessary. Stop blaming each other and start taking responsibilities of your actions. Learn how to please each other by understanding their likes and dislikes with practical ways to show that you really care about each other. Mutually love, respect, appreciate, tolerate, care, listen to, forgive, honour, trust, communicate deeply, support and pray for each other. You must diligently protect and maintain the trust of your spouse with your last breath, if you destroy it , this might cost you more than you can ever imagine. Trust earned can be lost if you are careless. If you have lost your trust already, please go through the restoration and forgiveness process with your spouse. If you need my help, please inbox me and we shall chat separately.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured. Marriage can work wonder for you, if you are willing to put the personal effort and needed investment. Two people with the same mindset and relatively compatible traits, can love each other and stay together till death separates them. Marriage can bring fulfilment in life, give you best companionship and unexplainable emotional pleasure and satisfaction with constant renewed vision for your future. With marriage, you can even fulfil your dreams and objectives quicker with the constant support of the other spouse. Marriage can give you strength to keep going until you reach your goal. Marriage is not a setback but a step ahead in many areas because you are not alone. Marriage is not to be feared but an opportunity to be favoured beyond your widest dream. Its cool to be married, trust me. I know what I am talking about.

If you are not married yet, you are lucky to be reading this article today. Start preparing now and don’t take marriage for granted, because marriage existed before you were born. Therefore, don’t trivialise it. This act of marriage is a spiritual thing, so prepare today, so you can proper in it tomorrow. To have a good grade in marriage, you need to proactively and prayerfully prepare in a daily basis for the regular and occasional exams of situations that you might encounter in your marriage lifespan. Each marriage has their peculiar challenges, so don’t compare Mr and Mrs C challenges to yours because it might significantly differ from yours.

I’m in Love, I will stay in Love and I will die in Love because TRUE LOVE STAYS TOGETHER. I’m personally determined to bring joy each day at home and train my boys to respect and to love their wives when the time comes by God’s grace. My wife is an angel at home, so I must create a heaven-like environment for her to live in, because true and caring angels don’t live in hell. My decision to love, care and protect my wife no matter the cost, is eternally binding, NO GOING BACK, NO GOING BACK BUT FORWARD ONLY.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in your relationship as you acquire more knowledge and invest in your relationships.

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