Forgiveness is the Way Forward

Forgiveness is important for a healthy relationship with your spouse or anyone. When you don’t forgive, you carry pain, resentment, anger, emotional drains, bad days ahead and possibly depression with a lot of mental headaches.

How can you live a happy life with all these pieces of baggage due to unforgiveness? How long will you remain in that state of unforgiveness?

To forgive is to stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake. It could be to, no longer feel angry about or wish to punish (an offense, flaw, or mistake). If you don’t forgive, how will you enjoy forgiveness as well from others and to have a good state of mind? Stop destroying your present moments because you don’t want to forgive.

So, who do you need to forgive today: a boss, a colleague, a friend, a wife, a husband, a brother, a sister, a business partner, a mother, a father and even yourself. It’s time to honor, love and respect your life that you were given.

To forgive is a choice and can be hard sometimes, depending on the incident. No matter what it is or was done to you lately or years ago, you can seek God and He will help you to forgive and deal with all the hurts you have inside. Life is short. Please forgive and move on. Get your mobile phone or go and meet up with this person, and forgive him or her. Don’t just read this quick post and still carry your unforgiveness in your heart. Stop pretending that all is ok when you are dying inside and struggling to sleep properly at night.

If it is you that need to forgive yourself, then accept it and forgive your flaws, mistakes, and behaviors of the past. Stop being a slave to your past or allow others to rob you of peace of mind because you don’t want to forgive them.

Start today to forgive and start regaining your personal power back before it’s too late.

Have a happy week.


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