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Marriage is a mystery and yet the most amazing act of happiness or sadness depending on the way the marriage was treated. The Twelve are the basics, the foundation, and the precise principles that you need to work on to have an ideal marriage. Let me introduce you to the Twelve right now. Each criterion will be discussed in greater depth inside the manuscript.

  1. Commitment – standing by your spouse no matter what problem comes. This is the essence of unconditional love that every married partner needs.
  2. Communication – talking deeply and expressing your true self in a way that you are growing in knowledge with one another.
  3. Consideration – giving allowance to each other’s imperfection.
  4. Commendation – the art of appreciating one another and proving mutual support to individual pursuits of spouses.
  5. Correction – lovingly helping your spouse to make the necessary improvements in character and attitude. Also, about taking responsibility for the mistakes to avoid blaming one another.
  6. Connection– investing time to connect with one another on a deeper level. It is also about seeing things from each other’s perspective to minimize misunderstanding.
  7. Consummation – expressing love using the medium of intimate sex.
  8. Conservation – mostly about being wise in spending money. It is also about making financial decisions together.
  9. Confession – things will go wrong in the marriage. And having a strong foundation of confession and forgiveness will help to weather these storms.
  10. Continuation – intentionally improving yourself in different aspects of your life. Partners should also become partners for personal growth and development.
  11. Completion – marriage must be complete and should not end in divorce. Complete the vow that spouses made to one another namely, ‘Till death do us part.”
  12. Consciousness – having the awareness that couples need Divine help and Supernatural support always at the various critical stage of the marriage union. God must be in the centre of the relationship to make it stronger and heavenly satisfying.

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