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Honeymoon is one of the most wonderful and memorable moments in a couple’s life.

Do you still remember yours?

You’re alone with your spouse, enjoying every minute together and without any thought of what will happen tomorrow.

All you want is to bask in the sweet gift of romance, closeness and affection.

It felt almost like a dream.

Something you wished would never end.

Then, life happens – and suddenly, your marriage slowly enters the dreadful state of stagnancy, with little or no passion, connection and affection, you once enjoyed with your spouse.

Your experience becomes inconsistent with the picture of an ideal marriage.

The feeling of loneliness and disconnection sets in gradually.

You begin to wonder where all the days of closeness, love, affection and true friendships vanished to.

And all you can do is to look back and say to yourself…

“I wish we can go back to that night. I wish we can experience again that intoxicating affection during our honeymoon.”

Well, what if you can?

Chindah is a seasoned Life and Marriage Coach, an Expert who works with many couples to bring back the ‘lost romance’ in their marriage.

With years of experience and wisdom when it comes to romantic relationships, Chindah’s utmost desire is to help one couple at a time to recreate their ‘honeymoon experience with real connection.’

This book is the product of his genuine commitment to help.

“Recreating the Honeymoon Experience with your Spouse” is not just a book – it’s a toolbox and a manual that will allow couples to rekindle the passion, affection and romance in their marriage.

  • Identify and avoid the most common traps and pitfalls of modern marriages.
  • What if you’re doing the romance wrong? And how can you experience the ‘right’ romance.
  • Apply the oldest ‘secret’ of successful couples. You’ll be surprised at how simple this is!
  • Give the ultimate “gift” to your spouse which will make him or her stick to you like a glue.
  • Thousands of marriages crumbled because they fail to do these “small things.” Make sure yours’ doesn’t become like them.
  • Make your marriage ‘magical’ by mastering this one super underrated activity.
  • Unresolved conflicts destroy marriages, right? Well, it depends. Learn how to strengthen your marriage while working things out after a conflict
  • The ‘ability’ that will make your spouse brag about you to his or her friends – nonstop!
  • And a lot of other fun lessons that will return the sizzle in your marriage!

With exercises and activities littered in the book, you’ll have no shortage of things to do to recreate your honeymoon experience. Are you ready to feel once again the heat of romance? Don’t wait any longer! Let’s get into the reconnection mood.

This book is coming out soon.

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